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5 Steps to a 5 AP Chemistry, 2008 - 2009

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- Phuơng pháp giải nhanh
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Danh mục sách

Aromatic Chemistry
Author(s): John D Hepworth, Mike J Waring, David R Waring.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.Arrow Pushing in Organic Chemistry
Author(s): Daniel E. Levy.
Publisher:  Wiley-Interscience.Basic Principles of Inorganic Chemistry
Author(s): Brian Murphy, Clair Murphy, Brian J. Hathaway.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.Chemical Bonding and Molecular Geometry
Author(s): Ronald J. Gillespie, Paul L. A. Popelier.
Publisher:  Oxford University Press.

Chemical Kinetics and Mechanism
Author(s): Michael Mortimer, Peter Taylor.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chemistry of the elements
Author(s): N.N.Greenwood, A.Earnshaw.
Publisher:  Elsevier.

Cosmochemistry – The Melting Pot of the Elements
Author(s): C. Esteban, R. J. García López, A. Herrero, F. Sánchez.
Publisher:  Cambridge University Press.

d- and f- Block Chemistry
Author(s): Chris J Jones.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry

Desiging Organic Syntheses
Author(s): Stuart Warren.
Publisher:  John Wiley & Sons.

Dictionary of Science
Author(s): John Daintith.
Publisher:  Oxford University Press.

Dynamic Stereochemistry of Chiral Compounds
Author(s): Chritian Wolf.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Elements of Synthesis Planning
Author(s): R.W.Hoffmann.
Publisher:  Springer.

Encyclopedia of the Elements
Author(s): Per Enghag.
Publisher:  Wiley-VCH.

Frontier Orbitals – a practice manual
Author(s): Nguyen Trong Anh.
Publisher:  Wiley.

Functional Group Chemistry
Author(s): James. R. Hanson.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry
Author(s): Douglas A. Skoog, Donald M. West, F. James Holler, Stanley R. Crouch.
Publisher:  Thomson Brookscole.

Greene’s Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis
Author(s): Peter G. M. Wuts, Theodora W. Greene.
Publisher:  Wiley-Interscience.

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Author(s): David R. Lide.
Publisher:  CRC.

Heterocyclic Chemistry
Author(s): M. Sainsbury.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry
Author(s): Catherine E. House Croft, Alan G. Sharpe.
Publisher:  Prentice Hall.

Instant Notes in Analytical Chemistry
Author(s): D. Kealey, P. J. Haines.
Publisher:  BIOS Scientific.

Instant Notes in Inorganic Chemistry
Author(s): P.A. Cox.
Publisher:  Taylor & Francis.

Instant Notes in Organic Chemistry
Author(s): G. Patrick.
Publisher:  BIOS Scientific.

Instant Notes in Physical Chemistry
Author(s): A. G. Whittaker, A. R. Mount, M. R. Heal.
Publisher:  Taylor & Francis.

Lectures of Professor Andrew Myers (Harvard University):
Advanced Organic Chemistry: Synthesis of Complex Molecules

Author(s): Andrew Myers
Publisher:  Harvard Univerity

Lectures of Professor David A. Evans:
Advanced Organic Chemistry

Author(s): David A. Evans
Publisher: Harvard University

Mechanisms in Advanced Organic Chemistry
Author(s): R. P. Narain.
Publisher:  New Age International.Mechanisms in Organic Reactions
Author(s): Richard A. Jackson.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.Medicinal Chemistry
Author(s): Gareth Thomas.
Publisher:  Wiley-Interscience.Name Reactions
Author(s): Jie Jack Li.
Publisher:  Springer.

Natural Products – the Secondary Metabolites
Author(s): James R. Hanson.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry
Author(s): Neil G Connelly, Ture Damhus, Richard M Hartshorn, Alan T Hutton.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Organic Chemistry
Author(s): Francis A. Carey.
Publisher:  McGraw-Hill.

Organic Chemistry
Author(s): Janice Gorzynski Smith.
Publisher:  McGraw-Hill.

Organic Chemistry
Author(s): John McMurry.
Publisher:  Brooks Cole.

Organic Chemistry
Author(s): Joseph M. Hornback.
Publisher:  Brooks Cole.

Organic Synthesis – Strategy and control
Author(s): Paul Wyatt, Stuart Warren.
Publisher:  Wiley.

Organotransition Metal
Author(s): Anthony F. Hill .
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Oxidation of Primary Alcohols to Carboxylic Acids
Author(s): Gabriel Tojo, Marcos Fernández.
Publisher:  Springer.

Peptides and Proteins
Author(s): Shawn Doonan.
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry.

Pericyclic Reactions
Author(s): Ian Fleming.
Publisher:  Oxford University Press.

Physical Chemistry
Author(s): Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula.
Publisher:  Oxford University Press.

Physical Chemistry
Author(s): Robert B. Mortimer.
Publisher:  Academic Press.

Principles of Environmental Chemistry
Author(s): Roy M. Harrison
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Author(s): David G. Morris.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Strategic Applications of Named Reaction in Organic Synthesis
Author(s): Laszlo Kurti, Barbara Czako.
Publisher:  Academic Press.

Structure and Bonding
Author(s): Jack Barrett.
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Chemistry of Heterocycles
Author(s): Theophil Eicher, Siedfried Hauptmann.
Publisher:  Wiley-VCH.

The Organic Chemistry of Sugars
Author(s): Daniel E. Levy, Péter Fugedi.
Publisher:  CRC.

The Periodic Table
Author(s): Eric R. Scerri.
Publisher:  Oxford University Press.

The Third Dimension
Author(s): L.E. Smart, J.M.F. Gagan.
Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Writing Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry
Author(s): Andrey Miller, Phillipa H. Solomon.
Publisher:  Academic Press.



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